Jon Micheal’s letter

I have a 20-years-old Barbie Polaroid camera, and my friends know how much I am attached to it. I carry this pink camera everywhere, and I am usually annoying, asking people to pose in front of it. I have 3 years of life in China hanging on a wall of my bedroom. Few days before... Continue Reading →

A Letter with the capital L

  Dear Ashley,  Thanks for your Letter with the capital L. Please, read this answer with my typical strong Italian accent. Your Letter arrived at the beginning of April, from Boston, it crossed the Atlantic Ocean to reach this tiny town in Tuscany. I imagine this Letter making the reverse trip to your home in Massachusetts.... Continue Reading →

Devin’s letter and other family portraits

My friend Devin introduced me to film photography. I’ve never been a patient person, generally, I don’t like to wait for results: learning how to use a film camera made me appreciate slow processes. I have been using my reflex as a barbarian, aiming the lens on every random subject, taking thousands of photos that... Continue Reading →

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