Explore Chinese Luxury Market with Maddalena, the co-founder and curator of this section. She is a friend and a colleague in this adventure in discovering the crazy expenses of Chinese people!

Luxury China is a section dedicated to the world of Luxury in China, a country that, with its growing economy, influences the fashions and trends of the most famous brands. The ever increasing interest of the Chinese in the luxury market is mainly due to the economic growth of China, which was not afraid of the depression of 2008 and has strengthened even more. The Chinese luxury market is the second-largest market by volume after the United States, but it can be considered the most important. Just think that in 2019 the world luxury market amounted to 1.3 trillion euros with a growth of 4% (Bain & Company report), and 90% of this growth occurred thanks to Chinese consumers. Today, it can be safely said that nearly one in three customers of Western luxury brands is Chinese.

Per essere alla moda devi acquistare Made in China

“If you want to look cool, just buy from Chinese designers”. Mi ricordo il primo paio di scarpe Fei Yue che mi sono comprata: bianche,…

La Cina boicotta H&M

La Cina elimina un altro marchio dai suoi preferiti. Situazione temporanea o definitiva? 24 marzo 2021, stessa storia, marchio differente. La questione che ha visto al…

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Maddalena graduated from Ca’ Foscari in 2017 and is now attending a Masters in International Business at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. Knowledge of the Chinese language allowed her to approach the luxury market in China, especially during her experience with FerrariFirenze, a Tuscan jewellery company. In addition, she has participated in many fairs in Asia, travelling to Hong Kong several times, Dubai, Kuwait City, Shanghai and other Chinese cities. In this column, Maddalena will introduce us to the heart of China, which is increasingly essential economically and has been influencing tastes and trends in fashion for some time.

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