Image Curators interview Beijing arstist Zhang Zhiyong

Today Image Curators Artsit Advisory are honoured to publish an exclusive interview with contemporary Chinese artist, Zhang Zhiyong. Living and working in Beijing, Zhang’s canvases are visual representations of his attempt to cross the boundaries between fine art and art iconography through a plethora of flowing lines, dancing shapes, and pop art colours. Discover below his artistic research, influences, challenges and goals of being an emerging artist in one of the biggest art clusters in Asia.  

Top 5 Chinese Women Artist

Following a generation of artists, such as Ai Weiwei and Zeng Fanzhi, who rose to success as a result of their exploration and response to China's post-Mao era social upheaval and who have established their megastar status at a time when fetishised in the West by attracting record-breaking sales, a new generation of Chinese artists [...]