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Per quel che ne so io

Literally “as far as I know”, Per quel che ne so io is my dream to describe the world with my own words. I am a traveller, China observer and a Writer. This blog was initially a mere diary of my first experience in China, but now is the key to understanding China (and the world) from another perspective.

I divided my blog into four main sections:

  • Luxury China: a section dedicated to the Chinese luxury market, explaining why it is essential to understand the Second Biggest World’s economy’s trends together with Maddalena Depalo, a friend and a colleague in this fantastic project through the Chinese crazy way of spending money.
  • ArtEast: The contemporary Art World is moving East, and we have already seen it with new Chinese billionaires set to dominate the contemporary art world. The Asian art scene is interesting, alive and vanguard. As an Art Historian, I am here to understand and study modern society through artistic production.
  • Journey to the East: if you have been studying in China, this section’s name might remind you of the epic Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. My and my readers’ epic journey discovering “the unknown” shows how our society is willing to destroy boundaries and understand the world without common stereotypes.
  • Study China: My readers know I have been studying in China for almost five years, and one of my biggest dreams is to bring other people to live such unique experiences as mine. Why in China? Write me an email and book a consultancy, and I will tell you why, how and when to start planning your future in China.


Maddalena Depalo| Co-Founder of Luxury China

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist at FerrariFirenze srl. China lover and expert, always passionate about the world of fashion and Luxury.

Image Curators Artist Advisory | Contributors for the art column ArtEast

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